Key Resource

the Midwest Symposium on Reproductive Justice

Replacing Systems of Harm with systems of care

This is an introduction to why we need the symposium (facts and need) and what the key resource PDF will cover.

Also: an explanation of the background:
As we’ve developed our ideas on reproductive justice, we noticed…. give a bit of a story/summary of the process. “NAME OF PDF” presents the results the results of this “story” through the help of various contributors – Victoria Copeland, Brianna Harvey, Joyce McMillan, Maya Pendleton, and Emma Peyton Williams.

Moving forward we hope to… do what??? We also strive to be a collective movement with our insights gladly shared for the greater good. Please feel free to share this PDF, give feedback, or suggest additions to our work. ect. 

Foundational Resources

Description of why evidence-based research is important and how we’ve benefited from these resources… ect.
We can have however many we want. These can either be links to specific resources or topics with a sub-page to discuss them. 

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

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